Chris Landry of VERICO Shares Tip to Follow When Buying Real Estate

Chris Landry Verico MortgageA major concern among those in the market to purchase a home is if the property in which they’re interested is going to appreciate or depreciate in value over the course of the years. The following paragraphs, from Chris Landry of VERICO Mortgage Group, contain some helpful hints and tips on this subject.

If you have or are planning on having kids, you need to find a home that will be big enough for everyone. You are more likely to buy a safer house if you purchase from parents who raised kids there.

When you are interviewing agents to represent you, ask this person the length of time he or she has resided in the area. If they have only been around for a short while, roads, neighborhood restrictions and the general community.

Be flexible when you have to make. You might not have the financial resources to buy your dream house in your dream neighborhood, but you can afford another one. If you can’t find the perfect home in the correct area, shop for the type of home in a different area or vice versa.

A lot of Realtors have ready made checklists of purchasing a home, shares VERICO Mortgage Group broker Chris Landry. The checklist can help you organize everything is taken care of when it needs to be.

Try to buy houses that have fireplaces in locations other than the family room. It can truly be a pain to keep up with cleaning multiple fireplaces clean.

When using real estate as an investment, you should keep your goals in mind. Determine if your goals are short or farther on the horizon. Don’t invest in any property that don’t meet your pre-determined criteria. A lot of investors don’t do this due diligence and buy something that does not satisfy them or even lose money.

Collect data about your local housing in the area. Look at some websites such as to get information about average selling prices, the average selling price, how many houses are on sale, and other sources of information. A prime location may help a property rise above other problems with the trends are down.

VERICO Mortgage GroupYou should ask questions about their track record. The agent should be ready to answer any of these questions in a professional manner.

If you are looking to purchase real estate as an investment, find a broker or real estate agent to help.These people have resources that may not be directly available to the general public. Many brokers will use special software to sort through MLS listings much easier and other listing services.

You should invest in the real estate market at this time. Property values and interest rates are now at a low since the market has crashed. The housing market will rebound, which will make your investment more profitable.

You need to know what’s on your credit report prior to applying for a new home.Once you get your hands on your credit report, check through it for any issues or red flags that may be present, and be sure to report any mistakes.

You must understand how mortgages work prior to buying a home. For more information about finding the right mortgage for you or getting approved for a mortgage it is important to speak to a qualified mortgage broker. Chris Landry of VERICO Mortgage Group is a 14 year veteran of the mortgage industry in the Vancouver, BC area. Contact Chris Landry at VERICO today for more information!

Buyers typically figure out their closing costs by totaling the down payment, any points that they pay to the lender, and the real estate taxes that are pro-related. In most cases though, the closing costs include additional items, school taxes, and other things that depend on your area.

Don’t hire a real estate appraiser unless they have five years experience or more. Hire an appraiser instead of any real estate agency. There could be a conflict of interest there. The appraiser you decide on should have certification granted by the state.

Research the available properties and do due diligence before buying them. There are several issues you should be aware of features to look at when buying rental property. Is this property in good condition and is it going to stay that way with minimal upkeep? The next key factor you need to consider is location. Location is very important if you have a rental property. The third is the average income of the property’s area. This differs from the location; you should know that an area that has high rent areas are better than those with lower rent.

The majority of people buying homes do not realize that the process will be so complex. Use this advice, from Vancouver mortgage broker Chris Landry, for help when looking to buy property.

Chris Landry Provides Great Tips For Buying Real Estate In Today’s Market

According to Chris Landry, Purchasing real estate is a life changing step that can truly be life-changing and stressful. But, with the right information, your experiences will be much less stressful.

Sex offenders must be registered, but there is no guarantee that the seller nor their agent is going to feel an obligation to tell a potential home buyer of any offenders in the area.

If you’re trying to buy commercial real estate that costs a lot, locate an trustworthy investment partner to do business with.

Homes that need extensive repairs or updates are often sold at a reduced price. This permits you to save your money on the purchase price, and spend money in smaller bursts over time as you make repairs. A few updates and improvements could transform that diamond in the rough into your dreams.

Real estate agents would do well to reach out to former clients during the holidays and on the anniversaries of their home-buying. Hearing your voice again from you will let them remember of the real estate transaction that occurred. At the end of your message, remind them that you work on a referral basis and would consider it a compliment if they would recommend you to their friends.

Collect facts and figures about the market for housing market. Look online for information about foreclosures, the average price of homes, housing backlogs, and how long it takes the average house to sell for houses near your zip code. A prime location with the area.

If you’re aiming to purchase a home, it’s imperative you don’t base your decision on the home’s decor. You should only consider buying a house based on it’s construction and the shape it has. If you purchase one for the objects inside, you could pay for it later because you failed to see a large structural problem.

If you are thinking about moving, do some research on the internet about different communities and neighborhoods. You can discover a good deal of information about even the smallest town. Consider the population, population and unemployment rate of your desired location before purchasing a house there so you ensure that you will love where you live.

You need good legal representation just in case there are any issues that occur during foreclosure deals often arise. This could help you a great deal of money over the long run.

By applying the tips laid out here, you can make buying a suitable house much easier. Being able to realize what is going to happen is very helpful. Chris Landry is a veteran mortgage broker in Vancouver, BC, Canada and has been in the industry for 14 years.


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In the United States, tax deductible mortgages are the norm. In Canada, tax deductible mortgages have always been available to the financially affluent … until now. Now, you too are able to convert your mortgage from a “liability” into an “investment.” Not only will your home become an investment, you will also be able to pay it off MUCH, MUCH sooner.

How a Tax Deductible Mortgage Works

The Tax Deductible Mortgage Plan (TDMP) allows you to convert your mortgage into a tax-deductible loan. In turn, you convert the interest into a tax deduction, which for many people will generate a Tax Refund.

By converting your mortgage into a tax-deductible loan, you are turning the interest into a tax deduction. When you subtract that deduction from your income, you get a tax refund. That refund is Free money. You do not have to invest any of your own income or increase your debt to get the tax refund. Conversely, the refund you receive from investing in RRSPs is not free money. You pay for your RRSP by using your own after-tax income to buy the tax refund.

Do You Qualify?

The best way to know if TDMP is right for you is to complete the TDMP Test and get your Free Benefits Analysis Report. Once this is complete, we will contact you to let you know if you qualify for the plan. Here are a few basic guidelines: First off, you should currently own a home and have built up at least 20% equity. It is possible for new buyers to qualify, but this will require a consultation with myself.

Your outstanding mortgage balance should be at least $100K and you should be employed (or self-employed) with good credit.


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Chris Landry’s Advice on What To Do When Buying Real Estate

There are a lot of shady real estate “gurus” out there, but can you trust them? These are the people who were present during the market crashed after all. Read these tips to help you are looking to get into real estate and be a savvy buyer.

Most foreclosed homes may have been sitting vacant for some time before going up for sale, and have not had regular maintenance. Many foreclosed homes that are on the market will need to have new HVAC systems put in, and might need a new HVAC system.

When deciding to buy real estate, you should always focus on your goals, says Chris Landry mortgage broker Vancouver area. Determine whether you want to achieve short or farther on the horizon. Don’t consider properties that don’t meet your long-term or short-term goals.A lot of owners make compromises and end up making poor investments.

Even if the bank does not require a home inspection for a loan to go through, you should still opt to do one for your safety. A trained professional inspector will know what to look for and recognize risks that might have thought of.

Get a warranty for your home warranty. When you buy a new home from a builder, or from an owner, you should always request a warranty. The builder should stand by what he or she has done for a minimum amount of time.

If you are planning on starting a family, you need a home that has a lot of space. You should have a safer house if you purchase from parents who raised kids there.

If you’re going to relocate, consider looking into the neighborhood that the house is located in online. You can discover a great deal of information about even the smallest town. Consider the population, population and unemployment rate of your desired location before purchasing a house there so you ensure that you will love where you live.

Don’t hire a real estate appraiser who has less than five years experience or more. Hire your own appraiser instead of any real estate office. There might be a very real conflict of interest there. The appraiser you decide on should have certification granted by the state you are buying real estate in.

In closing, mortgage broker Chris Landry says:

Take all the “expert advice” you read online with a grain of salt. How did the market collapse then when they supposedly knew all? You need to avoid the scoundrels who think they know everything when they really know nothing. Rather, use these ideas on purchasing real estate.

Chris Landry Discusses the 8 Steps on Qualifying for a Mortgage even with Bad Credit

If you’re applying for a mortgage, the first thing that the lender will look up on your background is your credit history. Having a bad or low credit score will affect your ability to acquire a mortgage because lenders might consider it a risk to loan you some money for your home. In these times, obtaining a mortgage can be a difficult process because of the struggling economy and the number of foreclosures in the housing market. But then even with the bad credit and all, it is still possible for you to obtain a mortgage and purchase your home. You just need to improve your credit score and prove that you are an acceptable lending risk.

1. You should check your credit report. Make sure that every data in the report is accurate before applying for a mortgage. If you see that there are some errors in it, notify your credit company right away and provide necessary documentations to support your update.

2. If you qualify for a mortgage with a bad credit then you should expect to pay more for it. Just prepare yourself that you’ll be paying a higher interest rate or an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM), which means that the interest rate changes from time to time.

3. Show the mortgage broker that you have a steady income. Prove to the broker that your job has a great pay that can actually cover your mortgage. This will surely increase your chances of getting a mortgage even with a bad credit.

4. Pay off other debts if possible. If your debt is higher than your income ratio then you will have a hard time applying for mortgage especially with a bad credit. Make sure you eliminate your remaining credits and debts so that you can increase your chances of qualifying for a mortgage.

5. Since you are required to make a down payment for your mortgage, it would be best to put in as much money as you can. This will give off the impression that you’re making a serious investment for your home and you have a greater chance of paying the mortgage.

6. You need to write down some explanations to your lender why you have accumulated some bad credits. State your reasons why you are having problems paying your current bills. Reasons like paying for your medical bills, going through a divorce, etc. This will not excuse your bad credit but it might make the lender show compassion towards you.

7. You can also seek help from various government programs. These programs might include Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan and Veteran’s Administration (VA) loan. These programs have flexible credit requirements so you need to consider them if possible.

8. You can always ask help from someone with a good credit to co-sign for you. Someone like your parents or relatives can probably help you out in applying for a mortgage. Just remember that if something happens to your mortgage payments, your cosigner will be held responsible for your actions. It can be too much to ask so it’s important that you do your part to commit to the payment.

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